Specialization in the area of active defense for protected

Due to our specialization in the area of active defense for protected individuals, we are the most reliable partner in matters of security.

In doing so, we also focus on our protected individual’s own privacy as well as the privacy of their relatives. We will find the right solution for your security concerns, with concepts and protective measures tailored individually to your needs.

Our certified security staff cover all security risks in the best possible way not only because of their acquired qualifications but also because of many years of professional experience in this field of work.

During a wide variety of assignments – domestic and international – our security staff have learned to discreetly take care of your personal security. Therefore, they are a reliable partner at your side.

If requested, we can provide a professional driving service using vehicles that are appropriate for the respective risk situation. We rely on state-of-the-art security technology and continuously invest in our staff’s further education and training.

We can provide an individual deployment planning after having a personal conversation with you and after we have conducted a risk analysis.

Our services at Secure360° cover the following main areas:

  • Personal protection / escort in commercial & private contexts
  • Determination of the degree of danger
  • Prevention & de-escalation
  • Protection of minors
  • Driving services with escort (unarmed & armed)
  • Concept development
  • Extended property protection measures
  • Travel management
  • Overt & covert protection measures
  • Special measures, such as security doors, panic rooms & ballistic protection
  • Use of state-of-the-art security technology


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